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The Best Work Desk

Our Story

You chose your field of work in line with your personal tendencies and interests. It would only make sense then, that your work environment would reflect your personality.

The company logo on the door and the generic decorations on the walls are a nice touch, and the succulent in the meeting room is cute… but what about some true inspiration? Something that would smash the gray and introduce awesome humor and unique taste… Something that would turn your work environment into your personal haven and produce contagious laughter and joy across the entire office!

Many office workers spend a substantial part of their days inside an office, sitting/standing at their workstation desk. We know, from years of personal experience, that this isn't easy, and that being expected to constantly perform at your best in a dull environment can be stressful and sometimes takes the smile off your face.

People intrinsically seek joy, and as office workers who spend about 9 hours per day at our desks, we get your desire for a more vivid and positive work environment. Heck, studies have shown a direct link between joy and success at work. With the right conditions & environment - people are happier, and as a result, they work better!

Our Mission

If people perform at their best when they consider their surroundings jubilant and connect to it on a personal level, we figured that the best way to accommodate things for your best performance is if YOU customize it, according to YOUR liking.

In other words, we aim to make The Best Work Desk your new hub for everything that'll help happify your work environment.

How? Simple - we present a constantly updating selection of top-notch items for your perfect work desk.

It's important to understand that, achieving the perfect work desk is no easy undertaking, but it is definitely rewarding! Owning one means you'll have a selection of fine, fine items, constantly displayed at your work desk for you to fiddle with and for everyone to crave. This will enable you to win endless pride and glory around the office: Imagine how every co-worker, chief executive, or even the cleaner, who just happens to be passing by, suddenly stop everything only to grab another glance at your ubercool collection and drool.

Yes, they shall drool and have their minds blown, damn it!